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Overview of Dimplex heat pump reference systems

The Dimplex heat pump supplies many different buildings with thermal energy, and cools them in summer when needed. Using a few examples, we have compiled the following list to show the variety of possible application areas for Dimplex heat pumps: in new building projects, building renovations, in supermarkets, detached houses etc.

Using the systems shown here, you can calculate, for example, the operating costs generated by a 4-person family in a 140m² living area with a heat pump. You can also find information here on the investment costs of a heat pump heating system for this family. If you're searching for the right heating system, these sample systems (which you can also view in many cases) are sure to assist you in making your decision.

Using the "Heat Pump" search field, you can search for a specific model description by Dimplex, e.g. LA 8AS, or simply by entering LA (air-to-water heat pumps for outdoor installation). When you also enter the postal code or, for example, the first two numbers of the postal code, your search shows results for a particular model description or a model series by Dimplex in that particular postal code area.

Dimplex Reference systems in Finland: Video

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