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Hydraulic Integrations

The efficiency of a heat pump heating system depends not only on the heat pump itself, but also particularly on its hydraulic integration and the type of control implemented. For this reason Dimplex offers a variety of standard integration diagrams that are perfectly matched to our heat pump manager so that our heat pumps operate at the lowest possible operating costs.

Technicians are provided with optimal planning support when developing customized solutions, e.g. those relating to regenerative heat generators such as wood or solar heat.

Our customers receive highly efficient and reliable heat pump heating systems.

Simply select a system design to receive your personal integration diagram in just a few steps.

Heat Pump (Step 1):

Which type of heat pump circuit is being used?

Heating and domestic hot water preparation Heat pumps in combination with renewable energy
Both interactive animations explain the heat pump's hydraulic integration schematic. Please click on the image to begin.

New: Integration diagrams for heat pumps with EconPlus now with terminal connections.

The integration diagrams for heat pumps with EconPlus now also contain a terminal connection plan. An example can be found here.

Beta-Version for testing. These results are non-binding!
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