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Returned goods

Returned goods - organisation

Returned goods and transport damage processing

Dear Customer,

Please find enclosed an updated summary of our procedures regarding goods returns, technical testing, repairs and processing of transport damage for all products by Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH, Dimplex Division (GDD).

As a rule, your direct and central contact person for returned goods organisation
in the Dimplex Service Centre is

Mr. Detlef Koch

Phone 09221/709-530
Fax 09221/709-338

Returned goods

Please note that only goods accompanied by a returned goods note can be processed. Returned goods which arrive at our premises without a returned goods note shall be returned at the cost of the sender.

Products still under guarantee / warranty will be repaired on site by the after-sales service.

The following procedure is to be adhered to in order to ensure quick and reliable returned goods processing.

  • All goods to be returned must be reported in advance. Please use the "Returned Goods Request" form. This is available to download from our homepage at
  • All goods which have been registered and approved for return are assigned a serial returned goods number in our inventory control system.
  • Subsequently, we send a returned goods note (in duplicate) to your address.
    This is to accompany the returned goods when you send it to us. One copy should be retained for your records. The returned goods number therein must be quoted when you place a query.
  • The delivery address for returned goods is:

    Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH
    Am Goldenen Feld 18
    95326 Kulmbach, Germany

Please observe the following provisions, especially in cases of goods that are returned for technical evaluation and/or repairs:

By returning the goods to GDD, the sender accepts that products which cannot be processed economically will be scrapped by GDD without consultation. The decision as to whether or not the goods can be processed economically is made by GDD. This is at the expense of the sender. GDD is not obliged to obtain a separate processing order for products whose processing costs amount to less than 25% of the list prices of the valid Dimplex price list, respectively less than 25% of the supply prices of the sender.

The sender accepts the processing costs. The processing costs are determined individually in each case.

Labour costs per hour: € 66.00 plus materials

Should assessment of the returned goods not validate the claimed reason for return and/or technical defect, GDD shall bill the sender the costs for the spare part delivery, including an adequate administrative charge.

The following rates apply: » click here

A credit note for accepted claims will be sent, following assessment, by GDD.

Products damaged in transit

Externally visible damage caused in transit is to be reported to the Transport carrier (shipping agent, parcel service) i.e. is to be written on the consignment note (§ 438 HGB). Receipt must under no circumstances be confirmed without additional information.

Cases of transport damage which is not visible must be reported within 7 days.
Within this time period, the damage is to be reported in writing to the transport carrier (shipping agent, parcel service).
A copy of this report is to be submitted to the Dimplex Service Centre, FAO Mr. Koch (Tel. +49 9221 709 530 Fax: +49 9221 709 338 e-mail:

If reporting deadlines are not adhered to, credit notes will not be issued by GDD.

If the potential rectification of damage caused during transport is deemed uneconomical, the product can be scrapped on site after consultation with GDD. To simplify the process for your convenience, we only require the respective scrapping confirmation in accordance with Appendix 3. The scrapping certificate is available to download from our homepage at

Ordering errors

Products can only be accepted for return upon receipt of our written approval. Returns should, of course, be limited to those brought about in exceptional circumstances.

As a rule, the following cannot be returned

  • Products which are manufactured and delivered to customers under a brand name other than GDD and its associated brands, i.e. goods which can be differentiated from the GDD product range in terms of design and/or technical data.
  • Products which are no longer in our product range, i.e. are being discontinued and
  • Custom-made products.

Products which have been ordered incorrectly may be returned within 4 weeks of delivery, as long as they are still in the original packaging and have not been used or installed, are re-saleable and in a technically faultless condition. The packaging must be in its original state, i.e. it must not be altered by the presence of another brand name. Goods delivered to our premises shall only be accepted if adequate carriage has been paid by the sender.

Returns are to be applied for subject to adherence to the returned goods procedure using a Returned Goods Request, and must include a copy of the invoice.

If the packaging shows signs of damage, the product will be returned at the expense of the customer or scrapped, as desired. If a return is desired, we are to be notified of this within a period of 5 days.

An administration charge of 15 % of the net value of the device shall apply to returns of goods ordered incorrectly.

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