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Energy policy
Energy policy

Energy policy

At Glen Dimplex in Germany, we have pledged to reduce our energy consumption over the long-term and increase our energy efficiency in an ongoing improvement process.

To implement these goals, we have introduced an energy management system in accordance with DIN ISO 50001:2011 and are working to ensure that all the requirements of this standard are implemented correctly and the processes within this energy management system are continuously improved.

We also regularly check that

  • the necessary financial and structural requirements are in place.
  • all employees are involved in implementing and carrying out the energy management system and all responsibilities are defined.
  • relevant legal obligations and other requirements are taken into account.
  • a regular assessment is carried out with regard to energy efficiency, energy usage and energy consumption.
  • programmes to support energy efficiency are implemented.
  • energy-efficient products and services are purchased, which help improve the energy-related performance.
  • the results are measured and checked in a regular audit. 
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