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Development: Always a Step Ahead

Heating and cooling technology is a key technology in conserving natural resources. Innovativeness and imagination in the research and development of new technologies lead to a multiplicity of heating and cooling systems resulting in considerable savings of fossil fuels and a perceptible increase in the efficiency of renewable energies.

At the same time, modern systems and advanced components increase the comfort of the residential, working and leisure atmosphere of people everywhere.

Our research and development department is among the most modern in the industry. Expertise from the areas of cooling, climate, residential heating and systems engineering form a synergy. With Dimplex's residential systems engineering you are assured of owning extremely efficient products with the most advanced state of technology. Dimplex's reliable and extremely maintenance-friendly products give you the complete control you desire.

A responsible approach to environmental protection is one of the most significant prerequisites for the continuing success of any company.

Our measures for protecting the environment encompass not just production processes but the entire product range and take into account the whole product life cycle from the use of raw materials, product development, production and product use all the way to disposal and recycling.

Our researchers and engineers at Dimplex are today working on heating and ventilation systems for the homes of tomorrow.

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