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University Graduates

Jobs at Dimplex are as diverse as the opportunities.

We give you the possibility of making your job match your personal interests. At Dimplex you have the chance to demonstrate your expertise and leadership abilities while working on important projects. Whether, for example, you would like to contribute to distribution, product management, development, production, purchasing or controlling, we offer you a wide variety of options.

Innovative thinking and teamwork are crucial. If you appreciate challenges as well as attention to detail, join us for a successful future. The guarantee of our success are our employees, because it is people, not organisations, who make all success possible.

We are looking for university graduates in the following areas:

  • Degree / Masters in Electrical Engineering
  • Degree / Masters in Supply Engineering
  • Degree / Masters in Refrigeration Engineering
  • Degree / Masters in Mechanical Engineering
  • Degree / Masters in Industrial Engineering
  • Degree / Masters in Business Economics

Well-prepared students should have a good student transcript, possess good English skills and have demonstrated commitment and initiative during the course of their education.

Interested? Then please write to us about your ideas, expectations, preferred field of work and your earliest possible start date. Together we can determine how to best arrange your entry to Dimplex.

Practical Training and Internship

Practical training as an intern at Dimplex could be your first step towards a career. We offer committed students the opportunity to see our business divisions first-hand. You will get insight into the structure, functions and procedures of our business. When planning your practical training, we take your personal abilities and interests as well as the requests of your educational adviser into consideration as far as possible.

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